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The purpose of the trial is to assess whether vytorin is more effective in reducing mortality and morbidity in heart patients versus zocor alone by dramatically lowering harmful cholesterol levels though dual inhibition.

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in 4s, the effect of therapy with zocor on total mortality was assessed in 4,444 patients with chd and baseline total cholesterol 212-309 mg dl 5.

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a patient who has diabetes is taking simvastatin zocor 80 mg daily to treat ldl cholesterol level of 170 mg dl.

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vytorin ezetimibe and simvastatin is a combination pill of zetia and zocor simvastatin .

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a search of the prescribing information for zocor did not specifically list back and shoulder stiffness as side effects.

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other side effects with zocor include diarrhea; inflammation of the lining of the stomach; upset stomach; excessive gas; malaise; muscle cramps; muscle pain; and joint pain.


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